1.1 All payments are made in GBP to the bank details provided to the client by Adiva Forever. Cash in hand will not be accepted.

1.2 A 50% deposit is required to secure the booking. The full balance must be paid 7 days prior to the event.

1.3 Bookings made 14 days prior to the event day require full payment immediately to confirm appointment

1.4 Email confirmations/receipts serve as confirmation of payments received

1.5 If a service has not been fully paid for it should be assumed by the client that no contractual agreement has been made.

1.6 Holding deposits and any money that has been paid towards a booking are non-refundable.

1.7 Services will not be completed if any payment is outstanding. Adiva Forever has the right to cancel the booking 5 days to the event if full payment has not been made with no refund and slot may be claimed by other clients.

1.8 Once deposit/payment is made the client has agreed to the full list of terms & conditions.

1.9 If additional services are requested for on the day, payment must be made up front.



2.1 A makeover is 60 minutes.

2.2 A trial is scheduled to last 90 minutes max. 

2.3 Bridal morning bookings are scheduled for 1.5-2 hours.

2.4 All day bridal makeup package is a maximum of 10 hours from when the makeup artist arrives.

2.5 In an instance where the bride is running behind schedule and the commence of bridal makeup is delayed, Adiva Forever will not rush the bridal makeover and will not be held responsible for the lateness of the bride. 

2.6 If the bridal schedule is running late and has the possibility of affecting other scheduled bookings for that day, Adiva Forever has the right to leave at the original agreed finishing time (which is 1.5-2 hours after arrival).

2.7 Please note if the client is late, the scheduled finish time will not be changed.

2.8 If the client is more than 20 minutes late or delayed, Adiva Forever has the right to cancel the appointment without issuing a refund.

2.9 If a booking is running late and any staff from Adiva Forever stay out of a good will gesture, please note that they will leave when they see fit and are not required to stay (out of good will) for a certain amount of time.

2.10 Additional time or an alternative appointment can be booked depending on availability at an additional cost.



3.1 Any changes/cancellations to an existing booking, inquiry or this contract, must be made in writing and agreed to by all parties. Adiva Forever has the right to refuse any changes to the existing contracted service without issuing a refund.

3.2 In the event of a cancellation, no deposits or payments towards the booking will be refunded. If cancellation is less than 2 months to the event, the client would need to pay the cancellation fee of £100.

3.3 Any date changes is subject to the availability of Adiva Forever and will incur a cost.

3.4 Any location or time changes to an existing booking is subject to availability.

3.5 Every effort will be made by Adiva Forever to reschedule the booking however it cannot be guaranteed.

3.6 If the event cannot be rescheduled, any expenses including but not limited to deposits and fees will not refund or transferred and Adiva Forever will be released from all contract obligations and shall in no way be held responsible or liable for non-performance.

3.7 There may also be additional charges above and beyond those set in the original contract.

3.8 Last minute changes may impact the quality of service; Adiva Forever will not be held responsible for any compromise on quality.

3.9 Should Adiva Forever be unable to perform the contracted service due to the artist illness or any other unforeseen circumstances, unearned fees will be refunded and we will do our best to find a substitute artist for the client. Adiva Forever cannot be held responsible for any sudden illness or natural disasters that may occur on the day, such as, but not limited to fire, flood, earthquake or any other natural or human acts.



4.1 Travel and accommodation expenses are an additional cost to the makeup service. Full address would determine final cost.

4.2 For any mutually agreed additional costs that Adiva Forever staff may incur such as travel expenses (including toll charges), parking and accommodation, it is the responsibility of the client to pay.

4.3 The client is responsible for ensuring that there is parking near by for Adiva Forever staff. The client would be responsible to pay any penalty charges received due to incorrect information or due to there being no parking near by.

4.4 Adiva Forever also have the right to refuse to start the booking if there is no w

4.4 Where accommodation is provided, please ensure that breakfast is provided.



5.1 Please note Adiva Forever is not limited to one makeup artist and is a team trained and mentored by the head makeup artist. We pride ourselves in delivering an exceptional service to all our clients.

5.2 Most bookings are done by the Head Makeup artist (and assisted by team members) unless otherwise stated.

5.3 For bookings where a member (or members) has to stay (i.e. a wedding), this may be the head makeup artist or a team member.

5.4 We request for all day bookings that lunch is provided as it would be for a normal guest and a seat provided somewhere that makes the bride easily accessible for touch ups. Failure to provide lunch will result in an hour's paid lunch break taken from the total hours agreed.

5.5 In any instance where the client, relatives or guests of the client are rude or abusive towards Adiva Forever staff, the contracted service will immediately cease and Adiva Forever will leave immediately and will not be held liable for an incomplete service. No monies will be returned.

5.6 Adiva Forever will try and ensure that the client is happy with the finished outcome as we take pride in having happy clients. However Adiva Forever cannot take responsibility for desired looks not being achieved due to the client's skin or features.

5.7 At all times, we will recommend and advise the client with our professional opinion however it is up to the client to accept or refuse our professional opinions. Adiva Forever will not be held at fault or liable if the client refuses the professional advice and insists on their desired look but eventually dislike how it looks or how it appears in pictures.

5.8 Adiva Forever requests for a clean, decently sized makeup space (with a socket) with no children around and that is not crowded.